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Memoirs and musings of Darius Bashar. 

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The Cost of Freedom

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is not.

Michael Singer said it best "Pain is the cost of freedom."

At some point in every human life there will be Trauma (another word for pain). These darker moments in our lives bring up feelings that can be very heavy and often overwhelming. 

A common approach to heavier feelings is to suppress them. This is the cause of all emotional suffering. In an attempt to "feel better" we often ignore or deny these feelings. Short-term, this can help us actually feel better. Long-term, this denial is the most detrimental action we can take, when it comes to our growth, emotionally, spiritually and as a species. 

When trauma occurs, if we decided to deny it and close-up, we end up taking that darker energy and trapping it inside of us. This ball of densely trapped energy becomes a blockage in our heart. 

In an attempt to move away from those unwanted feelings, we actually end up bringing them closer.

This approach traps those dreaded feelings inside us, like a roommate we loath, but for some reason decided to sign a 20-year lease with. That which we are trying to leave behind, ends up owning real estate inside our most precious possession - our hearts.

Healing happens when we realize darkness is not evil. Darkness is merely the blockage of light. These blockages are living within each of us and are preventing the magnificent beauty of our light from shining onto the world. 

Stepping into the pain can be scary. It feels darker because with every step we are getting closer to the blockage. It can feel isolating because with every step we are moving away from the surface and its many distractions.

But remember with every step we are ALSO moving closer to the light, moving closer to the Infinite and closer to freedom. 

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It Takes More
Shoot more. 
Write more. 
Feel more. 
Risk more. 
Love more. 
Forgive more.
Fail more. 

Let it all go, before it's too late. 
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Prepare for Take-Off
The world of humanity has two wings—one is women and the other men.
Not until both wings are equally developed
can the bird fly.
— Abdu’l-Bahá
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The abyss can swallow you up whole. 
So stretch my darling, and swallow the abyss instead.
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SunChaser 009 - Vol. Pacman

When we first met, we were strangers tossing a football around.

The next time we crossed paths, you were a General, I was lost in space and we were both on an epic journey, to once and for all determine if Peanut exists. 

That was one of the best nights of my life. I can't wait for our next intergalactic voyage together. 

Thank you for all the love and support for the last 915 days! Its meant a lot to me brother. 

Love you Pacman.  

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The story was always there, inside each of us. We just needed to find the courage to move it from our heart to our mouth. 

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Back-to-back, we stood
Closer than we'd ever been
Closer than we'd ever be
Every passing day we took one step forward
Both of us growing
Both of us growing apart
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False Icons
'End' is an illusion
'Finished' a mirage
'Complete' a hallucination
There is only the journey
Only the process 
Only moment
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