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Daniel Goodman {Speaker of The Week}


I have only officially known Dan for 53 weeks, but I can say with absolute certainty that I love this man. 

Yes he’s creative, and smart, and uses the fanciest words I have ever heard.

But that is not why I love him. 

I love Dan because his eyes sparkle pure love every time I see him.

I love Dan because he teaches me about what it means to be a conscious man in 2019. 

I love Dan because he challenges me to explore my own privilege. 

I love Dan because he says YES to my crazy ideas, like Artist Warrior King or even SpeakerSlam.  

I love Dan for way too many reasons to list, but for now, here’s a bit more on my brother from another mother, Dan Goodman. 

Name: Daniel Goodman

Professional speakers since: 2019

Besides speaking what is your main gig? Creative designer, writer, music producer.

Total number of (professional) talks given: 2

What do you speak about?

I speak about the intersection of creativity and wellness, vulnerability, and the blurring social dynamics between professional and personal lives. As a creative person living with cerebral palsy, I’ve always been handed labels and expectations I’ve fought to resist. That’s why I called my company The Hyphenate, because it’s ultimately about acknowledging that people are more than just their labels and they can transcend these barriers.

I focus on changing your narrative so your creativity isn't hindered by limiting beliefs, either those handed to you externally by society or those internalized by yourself, and instead finding practices and beliefs that empower you and propel you in what you want to create.


  1. When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?

    I wanted to be a professional musician and tour the world like a rockstar! Whether that becomes true is anyone’s guess.

  2. Name one unexpected thing that people might not know about you.

    I used to train as a Paralympic athlete-in-training for wheelchair track and field with Athletics Canada.

  3. Name one podcast or artist you're currently enjoying listening to:

    Music is pivotal to my process. But one artist? That’s rough. Right now, I’m listening to the ambient electronic soundscapes of Four Tet while I write. I’m also a podcast fiend! Currently on deck? I’m enjoying Feist’s Pleasure Studies, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, and Revisionist History.

  4. What is the BEST advice you've ever received about speaking?

    Oddly enough, from my oracle brother and the author of this interview, Darius Bashar: “People don’t want to understand you. They want to be understood!” This kernel of wisdom is key to what I do, and drives me towards what I love: human connection.

  5. Name one thing that makes you feel vulnerable to talk about that you feel others should know:

    I’m very self-conscious of how I look and navigate through the world. I also struggle with social anxiety, despite many people telling me I have great charisma. Truthfully, I get very nervous speaking to groups of people, which is why speaking on a stage is so cathartic!

  6. What is one common misconception people might have about you?

    Usually people think I’m more serious based on my social media presence and business tact, but in reality, I love being playful in work, my personal life, and any social setting. This year has been about pushing my edge and owning my space by being authentic to myself. Some of that transformation has only came once I started to loosen up a little and run the risk of seeming a little silly.

  7. What is the biggest challenge you are currently working on?

    Expressing anger healthily. I used to be a massive people pleaser. This resulted in a lot of difficulties in establishing boundaries and expressing when I felt hurt or misunderstood because I felt like I didn’t deserve the space or couldn’t take up that amount of oxygen in the dynamic. Because I felt misunderstood and disempowered growing up, I now strive to hold space for others in teaching them how to do it for themselves.

  8. When do you feel most alive?

    I feel most alive when I express or share my art publicly and see how it positively affects others. Seeing my craft and communication style open others up to empower themselves, to elevate their own art and take the leap, or look at the chaotic calculus of life from a different angle, is a really rewarding aspect of my work. I always like to ponder if we looked at positive impact in the same way we looked at financial influence, that instead of possessing a million dollars, what if we changed the lives of a million people in some way for the better? That would be extraordinary!


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Instagram: @bydanielgoodman

Something New And Exciting Coming Up For Daniel:

Later this year, I’m revealing a fresh brand identity and relaunched website for my freelance media and creative management business, The Hyphenate, alongside an accompanying blog & podcast on the creative process, flow states, and meaningful conversation called Making Matter. Stay tuned for the development of that, and if you’d like to be involved, please reach out via email!