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Thank You Instagram

Instagram is amazing. 

Yes, I know there are haters and trolls.

And yes, I know there’s plenty of toxic content that sucks us in.

But today? I don’t care about ANY of that.

Today I’m focused on how incredible it is that someone like Leesa Renée could find me, even among the 100 million other accounts on Instagram. 

Through the miracle of the internet and social platforms like Instagram, Leesa discovered my page. And the next thing I know, she’s at my studio. 

We instantly connected. We got to dive into several heartfelt conversations. We laughed. We talked about some serious topics. We even shared our dreams with one another. And Leesa generously enlightened me about how pervasive unconscious bias is in the workforce. (This is a subject matter that Leesa is an expert in.) 

And then, just like two art school kids, we got to play and create something brand new—together. Something that did not exist prior to our meeting each other: photos of Leesa and her radiance. 

When our playdate was done, we hugged and smiled and said goodbye, “Until next time.” 

Tell me that isn’t freaking cool. 

Thank you Leesa for shining so bright. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for showing up, and thank you for sharing your passion and your fire so generously with the world.

And thank you Instagram, for bringing someone like Leesa Renée into my life.


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