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Memoirs and musings of Darius Bashar. Toronto portrait photographer and writer, in pursuit of all things real, raw and intimate. 

I Am Doubling Down On Speakers, Coaches + Authors

In august I will be doubling down on working with speakers, coaches and authors.

You will see my content change. I am not exactly sure what that means yet, but I want to laser focus on this incredibly powerful group of humans.

I am committed to finding ways to create massive value for this audience, both through my HEARTshots photography and also through what I know about authentic branding and self-expression.

Why Speakers, Coaches and Authors?

  • These are the people I can help the most.

  • These are the people I have worked with for over 10 years.

  • These are the people who share my core beliefs.

  • These are the people who have experienced the greatest ROI (return on investment) from my photography.

  • By working with people who are so deeply committed to helping others, I will be able to make a much bigger impact on the world. (teach the teachers)

  • These are my people! I believe in them with everything I have. I also fully believe in the power of sharing our HEART stories.


Over the last 10 years I have been so fortunate to work with many world class speakers, coaches and authors from around the world. I have also been blissed to work intimately with leading speaker organizations such as TEDxToronto, SpeakersSlam, Archangel, Talk Boutique and Elite Speakers Academy.

With each collaboration I feel invigorated and refreshed.

These are my people. I am ready to dig deeper and do whatever it takes to deliever even more value to them.

If you are a speaker, coach or author who is ready to level-up let’s connect. Comment below or direct message me. I have a special promotion just for you.

For more information on my HEARTshots promo click here.

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