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Trudi Sigfusson {Coach OF THE WEEK}


This is Trudi. She is a magical human being that radiates warmth and kindness.

Which is something that makes Trudi very special. Because here’s the thing…

As most of us go through life, we encounter many reasons for us to close down and protect our hearts. Breakups, betrayals, illness, death, divorces, bankruptcies and a million other pains. And if we allow it, life can really harden us.

So when I run into humans like Trudi, who have been around the block and still feel radically open, I can’t help but marvel.

I know that it takes courage to stay open and soften with every passing year. And it takes tremendous courage to let your child-self roam free and stay wild. Yet when I’m around Trudi, everything feels possible. I can see and feel her glowing when we’re in the same room.

Trudi my friend, I honour and celebrate you.


  1. Describe your coaching approach in 2-3 sentences

    Through curious questions and engaging conversation I lead my clients on a journey of discovery and activation. We shine the light on your unique gifts and how you can bring them forth into the world, to live the life you’ve always known was possible!

  2. What's one thing about you that would surprise people if they knew?

    My story is a “rags to riches” one.... and when I was 4 years old, a spirit came to me and re-assured me that my life would not always be this way. Even at the tender age of four, I knew there had to be MORE!

  3. When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?

    A flight attendant

  4. How would your mom/dad describe what you do for a living (their words, NOT yours)

    Oh this is a funny one—my mom would say that I have a lot of people that are always calling me or buzzing me on my phone! She would also say that I fly places to talk to people! As she asks, “Where are you going now?”

  5. When do you feel most alive?

    When I am sliding across my hardwood floor “jamming out” to my favourite tunes!

  6. Who is your favourite type of person to coach?

    My favourite person to coach has an inner knowing that their life can be MORE! They are open to new concepts and possibilities!

  7. Name one book that changed your life:

    Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza


Instagram: @trudikim


Any new and exciting things coming up that you want to share?

I am offering 30-minute Activation Sessions at $130 CAD or packages of 3 for $350 CAD. I also have openings for interviews in October, if there are any fun and relevant podcasts looking for a guest.


Julie Veitch {COACH OF THE WEEK}

I need to genuinely feel connected to the person I am photographing for HEARTshots to work. I do this by creating a space where the two of us feel comfortable to chat and dive in deep together.

A space where we can laugh, tell stories, listen to music, and most of all: PLAY.

Once I came to terms with the amount of time and leisure involved in making my photography process work, I made a decision to work with the most interesting people I could find.

I figure, if I am going to spend 4 hours with someone, I want to make sure they are awesome humans.

The result is that now I focus my work around heart-centred thought leaders:

  • Often coaches, speakers, healers or badass entrepreneurs

  • People who usually had an unquenchable curiosity and hunger for growth

  • Generous leaders who dedicated their lives to positively impacted others

  • People who where ready to show the world the REAL them

My dear friend Julie is a perfect example of such a person.

I will never forget our time together. We laughed, we meditated, we cried and we had such an incredible conversation that I took notes at several moments, as she dropped so many juicy nuggets of wisdom.

So without further ado, here's a little snapshot of my dear friend Julie Veitch…


  1. Describe your coaching approach in 2-3 sentences.

    I've used INtuition to grow my online business withOUT traditional systems, funnels, methods or scripts, and tripled my income. I show others to do the same. I teach the mechanics of energy, intuition and magnetism, and how to use these to make quantum leaps in accelerating my clients' businesses.

  2. Who is your favourite type of person to coach?
    Someone who is right brained, creative and totally invested in alchemizing their fear based shadow at the cellular level to create potent MAGIC.

  3. Name one book that changed your life:
    The Dark Secret, by Lorna Johnson

  4. What is the BEST advice you've ever received about coaching?

    That radical, sustainable transformation happens by disrupting one's limited paradigm rather than entertaining it. That fear alchemy dissolves shadow for good, unlike shadow management which merely tames or soothes it temporarily... until the next trigger happens.

  5. Where are you most at peace?
    Definitely in nature, close to the elements of wind, water and green!

  6. Name one thing that you are super excited about:

    I'm super excited about launching my program "INtuitive Marketing Advantage" to teach entrepreneurs the metaphysics of energy, intuition & magnetism SO THAT they can accelerate their INcome quickly. They'll learn to get to the CORE of their vision and message, create their offer, and EARN from it.



Upcoming events: INtuitive Marketing Advantage

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7 Questions With Jenn Mansell (COACH OF THE WEEK)
  1. Describe your coaching approach in 2-3 sentences:

    I work with the body to uncover the parts of you that have been hidden, suppressed, or ignored. We call these parts back into the whole of your being so you can access their joy, peace, pleasure and excitement for life.

  2. What's 1 training program that you can highly recommend to coaches looking to level up?

    Because I am such a big advocate for working with the body, breath and feelings I highly recommend Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness workshops and groups. You can coach from your head, or you can coach from your entire embodied self. There is a big difference in the impact you can make when you are able to trust your impulses and intuition.

  3. When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?
    Either a performer or a librarian lol. My extrovert and introvert both had their own agendas.

  4. Name one book that changed your life:
    A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. I read this book when I was 20 and would say it ignited my spiritual path.

  5. What is the BEST advice you've ever received about coaching?

    “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” John Wooden

  6. What is the WORST advice you've ever received about coaching?

    Everyone is a coach. The market is oversaturated.

  7. Name one thing that you are super excited about:
    The interest, excitement and momentum I feel around Breathwork and its growing presence as a healing modality, especially in Toronto.


Instagram: @jlmansell

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