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There Is No Such Thing As Confusion

Are you ready to hear a controversial, mind-blowing concept?

Take a deep breath. Open your mind.

And when you’re ready, I want you to consider the following:

—> There is NO such thing as CONFUSION.

—> There is ONLY absolute CLARITY.

If you’re scrolling or just skimming through, slow down for a sec. Read that again and see if it lands.

What would it mean if every time you thought you were confused, it was just your unconscious mind trying to convince you to back down as a coping mechanism?

What would it mean if confusion was your unconscious mind wanting you to move AWAY from the unknown and step back into what is familiar? (Even if the familiar is harming you or holding you back from your true potential.)

Game. Changer.

This idea was shared with me during my Archangel MBA coaching call yesterday with David Neagle. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of David before our group call, but this man fully blew my mind. He is a best-selling author and a veteran mindset coach who helps frustrated, worried and overwhelmed small business owners be confident and in control of their results. David’s promise is that he turns people’s yearly income into their monthly income. BOLD claim right!?

I’ve heard so many experts speak on the topic of money and breaking through limiting beliefs, but there was something totally different about David’s approach. It cut through my walls and vibrated through every cell. I took away so much from this 90-minute group coaching session. 

David shared so much wisdom and so many practical tips, but none more powerful than this radical idea:

That there is NO such thing as CONFUSION. 

All day yesterday (and even in my dream last night) this pervasive idea worked its way through me. 

Who would I be if I always had access to absolute clarity? 

What would my life look like if I could confidently step into the unknown, and didn’t need to exert any “panic energy” when I was attempting something new and bold? 

Do you buy it? 

Is it possible confusion is a totally made-up human concept?

Let me know what you think.