Colour Portraits V1

No more head-shots.

Just Heart-shots.


When people go to your website and see your photo for the first time, how do they react?


Let me let you in on something really important that I am constantly learning:

It doesn't matter what you're selling. Even if you're promoting a life-changing offer or service, it inevitably boils down to a factor so simple yet so many entrepreneurs and coaches forget...

People want to work with people.


People want to work with people who they like.

People who they can feel. And people who they can connect with. These are the people we want to spend time and money on.

And for this reason...

Darius Bashar Loft Portrait

Traditional headshots suck.

They’re stiff. They’re too composed and perfect. And I think after seeing thousands of them, people realize that they're fake. And there's something insincere about them.

So I'm offering something different...

Loft portraits

The Loft Portraits are less head-shots, and more about heart-shots.

It's a similar experience to my Black and White Portrait Experience in that I create a safe container for us play and connect. And once that play and connection happens...

Darius Bashar Loft Portrait

People relax. People loosen up. People are less stiff.

And their true essence comes out to be witnessed.

Their personalities burst out of these portraits. And the result?

Darius Bashar Loft Portrait Shaun Boothe

Photos that are warm and vibrant and light.

They still look very professional, because there's professional photography and lighting put into place.

But they're also real.


So if it’s important for you in your business and in your life to showcase yourself as:

  • warm
  • welcoming
  • vibrant
  • professional
  • easy to get along with

... then the Loft Portraits are right for you. These portraits allow people to very quickly connect with the real you.

Who are the loft portraits for?

This type of portraiture isn't really intended for traditional corporate businesses...

It's intended for people that value connection and community and deeper relationships with their clientele. Some examples of people who would be right for Loft Portraits:

  • people in wellness industries
  • people in holistic industries
  • professional speakers
  • thought-leaders
  • authors, creators, and artists

If you run a business in any of these industries, if people can’t see you, they won't want to work with you.

And in many cases, having an online presence is mandatory. The Loft Portraits are designed for individuals that want the real them to be showcased for their audience, for their potential customers, and for their business.

Are the Loft portraits right for me?

You'll know if the Loft Portraits are right for you if you feel excited when you see these photos. Can see yourself and your brand utilizing pictures in this style?

If you're looking for something professional, but still captures your personality, your essence, and vibrance?

Then Loft Portraits are a great choice for you.

Working with Darius

If we haven't met — nice to meet you! My name is Darius Bashar and I'm a portrait photographer in pursuit of all things raw, real, and intimate. It's important for you to know that everything I do is based on play, connection, and trust. I deeply value other people, and I love when we get to connect and spend time together.

I understand that getting your photo taken it is a really unusual experience and I choose to embrace that, rather than ignore it.

It's super important to me that we have fun and enjoy our time together. Because if we don't connect deeply and we're not having fun and playing, I can't do my job. That's the only way I know how to do photography.

Are you interested in connecting with me? Click the link below to book a free consultation call for us to discuss whether I'm the right photographer for you.

What Clients Say 

I love my clients. Read what they have to say about working with me, and you'll understand why...

Darius Bashar Testimonial


"Darius is an incredible photographer to work with. Easy going, let me pick my play list, and killed it on the lighting front. I'm stoked to have these portrait images in my back pocket for media requests."

UJ Ramdas Testimonial

UJ Ramdas

"Darius is a true artist. He loves his craft, pays attention to the details and has a heart of gold. It was fun shooting with him!"




"Darius walked me through the whole process. He basically gave me a little class in how to be a model! The shoot was so relaxing and so much fun that I was disappointed when it was time to stop."



Build your online presence with photos that convey who you really are to potential clients...

The Loft Portraits cost $850 and you will receive warm, vibrant, and professional shots that will let your personality shine through. The experience includes:

  • the shoot - insert details
  • review process - insert details
  • X full-res professionally edited photos - insert details

Clicking on the button below will take you to a page to schedule a quick phone call with me. The purpose is for us to get a feel for each other and to get to connect as human beings.

(Afraid of commitment? That's 100% okay! It's just a phone call — you got this.)


— Lillian motta