Stop wasting money on headshots.


Consumers are way smarter these days and aren’t willing to work with people they don’t trust or can’t relate to.

Headshots are stiff. They’re too composed and too perfect. After seeing thousands of them on sites like LinkedIn and “About Us” pages, people are starting to realize how insincere they can be. And for this reason, traditional headshots just don’t work anymore.

The purpose of great photography should always be to bring people closer to the real you.

Why does this matter?

Because the closer your customers are to the real you, the closer you are to closing the deal and growing your business.

So I’ve created something different…

Introducing Heart-Shots


What’s The Difference Between a Head-shot + a Heart-shot?

Instead of stiff + awkward —> FREE + VIBRANT

Instead of overly composed —> NATURAL + RELAXED

Instead of insincere and predictable —> REAL + MEMORABLE


How do we do this?

You and I have fun. We hang out. We talk. There’s so much for us to do in my beautiful 2 storey loft studio, and you’ll see that time will fly by.

Because the environment is loose and relaxed the results are warm, vibrant portraits that allow people to very quickly connect with the real you.

Heart-Shots are intended for people that value connection and community and desire to cultivate deeper relationships with their clientele. Some examples of people who would be a perfect fit for Heart-Shots:

  • Professional Speakers

  • Thought-Leaders

  • Coaches

  • Authors

  • Creators, and Artists

  • Leaders in Wellness

  • Influencers + Celebrities

  • Innovative Entrepreneurs


Until March 30th, 2019, I have an extended promotional offer for my Heart-Shots. I am so excited to share this offering with you guys that I will knock $500 off the regular price.

So instead of $1597

>>you pay $1097<<

That includes 10 FINAL FULL HD PHOTOS

Just to be clear we do NOT have to do the shoot in March, you just need to book your session before March 30th. I book up to 6 months out, so if you aren’t quite ready yet, not to worry, you can book your session now, save $500 and we can schedule your actual shoot anytime in the next 6 months.

I’m sure you have some questions and I’d be happy to answer all of them for you. The best way to do this is through a quick and fun 15 mins intro call. No pressure, no obligation to book, just two humans being real and getting to know each other.


Client testimonials

Not convinced? Don’t take it from me: read what my clients have to say. You’ll understand why most of my clients end up becoming repeat customers.



"I haven't laughed so hard, felt so comfortable and learned so much about myself in a long time. Darius is a gifted photographer but also, he's just a straight up amazing person, which makes it easy to connect with him and the camera.

Thanks brother, loved the session!"

- Dan Hashemi


“Never in my life have I felt so comfortable in front of a camera or so blown away by the images that were captured. I wanted to do the shoot for my birthday - my 39th birthday - and wanted to capture how I show up in the world with the strength and wisdom I've gathered in life so far. The photos show that and so much more, and it was all due to the fantastic experience that Darius created and allowed me to create with him.

Darius didn't just start shooting, he walked me through the whole process, explained techniques and angles - he basically gave me a little class in how to be a model, it was extraordinary. The shoot was so relaxing and so much fun that I was disappointed when it was time to stop! I wanted to keep trying new things and taking more pictures! I can't wait to come back next year and do a shoot for my 40th birthday!"

- Kristin Dorsey


"Darius is great - a lot of attention to detail and capturing the personal, human element of portraits. Appreciate your thought and input, and always love your openness to feedback!"

- Gloria Chik


"Darius is a true artist. He loves his craft, pays attention to the details and has a heart of gold. It was fun shooting with him!"

- UJ Ramdas


"Two words: next level. Darius isn't a photographer, he is a psychedelic-sherpa-shaman with a very expensive camera and years of filming experience. Our 3hr session was really a guided meditation that brought me so much awareness around my thoughts and physical patterns (on & off camera). I intend on visiting him once a year.

Darius, have you thought of a 10-year membership plan?"

- Majid Hashemi


Darius was an incredible photographer to work with. Easy going, let me pick my play list :) and killed it on the lighting front. I'm stoked to have these portrait images in my back pocket for media requests and head shot asks.

Thanks so much, D and I'd 100% book with you again.”

- Dawn Laing


— Lilian Motta