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When I first launched the Portrait Series in Febuary 2017, I never expected so many people would be into them. Within days I sold out all my bookings for the next two months. You people are amazing and I love you all.

I've got a great new promo for portraits. If you're interested please take advantage before it's too late.


I know, choosing a photographer can sometimes be a daunting task. That's why I always suggestion jumping on a quick call, so that we can have an initial conversation early in the game. This allows us to begin to really connect. It's always smart, to get a sense of your photographers personality, in order to make sure it works with your own.

For me, great photography is so much more than fancy cameras and lights. It takes patience, trust and often involves laughing our asses off. No one said photography can't be tons of fun too. 

So, if you're still interested, take a minute to fill out the simple form below and I'll give you a call in the next 48 hours. After a quick 10 min phone call, we'll both know if it makes sense for us to work together and co-create something beautiful. 

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