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Vin Verma

Big shout out to my homie Vin Verma for knocking my socks off with his amazing project entitled Everyday. The basic concept is that Vin produces and releases a new musical track every single day. I believe the goal is to hit 365 days straight. 

There are so many things I love about this project. 

1) Vin is already an established filmmaker, but with this project he is going deeper and using a new medium (music) to create and express himself. I FUCKING LOVE THAT!

2) Any project that encourages people to create EVERY SINGLE DAY (outside of commerce) is always going to have my support.

3) This ain't just music. In my opinion it's a new mixed-genre that is way ahead of its time. Vin does a really amazing job to powerfully blend truly epic soundbites from films, speeches, product launches and so much more, into his melodic and atmospheric beats.  The best way I can describe his style of music is that it's super floaty. You immediately get reflective and contemplative and if you let it, your soul will want to leave your mind and body behind and float above both.

Thank you Vin for taking a risk and creating something so special. I feel as if your music is spiritual journey into both my soul and the cosmos. It has really changed my life and deepened my spirituality in ways words can not express. 

If you have some time check him out on Soundcloud.

I've made a playlist of my fav Vin Verma tracks below. I love to listen to them first thing in the morning or while I write. 

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