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Memoirs and musings of Darius Bashar. Toronto portrait photographer and writer, in pursuit of all things real, raw and intimate. 

My Acne Scars Are My Superpower

I’ve never shared this story with anyone.

Because I was too embarrassed to admit my truth. So I ignored it and looked away.

And looking away was surprisingly easy.

Our society is set up for us to continually look away and ignore our deepest inner truths.

But these inner truths often require courageous conversations; with ourselves and with others, in order to be set free.

These courageous conversations are not easy. They are also very uncomfortable. We essentially poke at our own emotional wounds and that shit hurts.

There is an upside though. In fact, it’s a really powerful one, especially if you believe life should be full of PURPOSE and IMPACT.

Have a look at this video and let me know if there is a courageous conversation you are ready to have. The world is ready for your truth.