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Memoirs and musings of Darius Bashar. Toronto portrait photographer and writer, in pursuit of all things real, raw and intimate. 

Keep Going


Sometimes I get to my computer in the morning to write a new social media post and I don’t feel anything. Or more accurately, I feel anxious and unsure, because I have no clue what to write. 

In those moments, my commitment of sharing valuable and REAL content 5 times a week feels impossible.

A part of me has resistance to this kind of writing because this part of me remembers what it feels like to flow. Those joyous moments when the words just pour out of me. 

This part of me revolts. 

“I hate this. It feels forced. It feels fake. People will know. No one will like this.”

And of course, what that part of me is really concerned with is no one will like me

He wants me to take the day off. To rest. To do anything else, besides this uncomfortable task. 

Today was one of those days. 

I struggled. I was full of uncertainty, doubt and frustration. Then, I looked at my whiteboard that sits 2 feet away from my desk. There is a picture of my dream client on that board and a few sentences on how I want her to feel when she interacts with my content.

One of the sentences on my whiteboard states: “Darius is honest and REAL.” 

And so with that, I decided to share this REAL post on how it can be a struggle to share some days. A part of me wishes it was juicer and attention grabbing. A big breakthrough or deep wisdom. But it’s not. It’s just me sharing how challenging it can be to stay consistent. And sharing with you that there are days when I just want to stay in bed and keep to myself. 

But I know momentum is a wonderful thing. It takes time to get the train moving in the right direction. Especially if it was standing completely still. So when it is moving forward, even if at a slow pace, it is important to keep going. Even on the tough days when you feel uninspired and unfocused. 

Maybe I needed to release this energy and this post to help make space for something else. Maybe tomorrow will be just as difficult. 

Or maybe, just maybe that wonderful and effortless flow will find me and we will dance once again. 

Regardless, I am going to keep going. 

Do you have any tips for how you keep pushing through on days when your parts are not feeling it? I know I am not the only one that experience these days. 


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