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Memoirs and musings of Darius Bashar. Toronto portrait photographer and writer, in pursuit of all things real, raw and intimate. 

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Heart to Mouth: Day 01 - "How To Change The World"

This video series entitled, “Heart to Mouth” is an experiment to see what happens when I turn my camera on immediately after my morning meditation.

“Flow” is the closest we can ever be to God (aka The Universe). When we flow and are present in the moment, our hearts fill up with light. That light is direct access to pure abundance and infinite wisdom.

In my opinion that light is meant to be released and expressed to its fullest. When we share that light that shines inside our hearts with the world, it allows us to live authentically, but it also presents an opportunity for others to recognize that same incredibly light inside of themselves.

During this particular morning meditation, the DM (direct message) from the Universe was guidance on how to change the world.

Glad to see the Universe is starting nice and slow. ;)